Economy causing big box retail to slash prices?

This is the second time this week I’ve heard about big sales at some of the big box retail home stores.  Apparently Ikea is having a 30-50% off rug sale this weekend.  And NPR just reported that Home Depot is going to be slashing prices on tons of goods to try and get an increase in cash flow to reduce their debt b/c they’re freaked out about the economy.

Of course, none of this seems to bode well for both big & little retailers, but it is good for anyone who is looking to save money in the short term.  I’m in the market for windows myself, and it made me wonder if I should wait and hope they go on sale…or go ahead and buy them now when I know they’re already 10% off.  Hmmm….??

Anyways…here’s hoping the U.S. weathers the economic storm without too much more turbulence.

photo via Lia on flickr


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