Pre-Demolition Sale Madness

More and more [and even more] I’m discovering that I love a good BARGAIN.  And nothing feels better than a bargain that also includes something that’s been recycled.   Not only am I saving money, but I’m saving the earth, right?!  (I know…it makes me feel giddy knowing that I just saved the planet.  I’m like Superman.)

But seriously, earlier this week my co-worker told me about something called a “Pre-Demolition Sale.”  This is something I’ve never heard of before, but apparently there are people who buy extremely expensive homes and then tear the whole thing down to rebuild something new.  And well, their loss is our gain, right?  Today’s sale involved a large stone home on the Main Line.  Nick and I went out there with tools in hand and managed to get two truckloads of slate flagstone, which included the walkway [shown below] and about 20′ of two-inch thick large slate capstones.  All for $250.  This will come in quite handy when we want to do our backyard project next summer.  (We’ve also decided to do a retaining wall in the front with all those capstones.)

Anyways…we’re both really tired from digging out flagstone and carrying it all day.  I’m thrilled about the new discovery of these sales though.  If you live in Philly and are planning on some home makeover projects you should check out their website for the next one.   I think there’s another one next week.

And p.s., yes, they are going to tear down this house.  All that stone will be gone for good.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Demolition Sale Madness

  1. My co-worker said she got some vintage metal school lockers once, and I read on their website that they’ve salvaged everything from old churches, to old Victorian homes. Plus, if nothing else, you get to go out and look at these old houses (which is super cool imho).

  2. I’ve been doing Pre Demolition Sales for over 5 years in the Chicago Land area. DIY, handymen, and house flippers get some great deals for improvements & home repairs.
    Demolition Promotions
    We RECYCLE Perfectly Good Buildings, Appliances, & Landscaping.
    Serving all of Cook, DuPage & Will County in Illinois
    (Having fun Thinking Green)

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