Fall flowers

There’s just something wonderful about coming home and having flowers growing.  I love it.  This weekend we spent a little bit of time working in the front yard to trim the grass, pull a few weeds and replace the dead margiolds in the planter on the steps (at left).  N decided to try spraying beer on the lawn as a type of fertilizer because he’d heard this worked.  (I’m not sure where he heard it, or if it works.  I’ll have to report back on that.)

Anyways…the flowers in the planter and the neatly trimmed lawn make me smile every night when I get home and see them there.

Now if I could just get the backyard looking nice.  I went anti-organic and did some sort of Scott’s Weed-n-Seed to try and get rid of all the horrible weeds back there.  I would have gone a more organic route, but we have poison ivy growing in the yard, and I heard that stuff is supposed to kill it.  Meanwhile, I’m also trying to grow grass seed.  Hopefully I’ll have something nice to show on that soon.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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