Working hard…on lots of little projects

So these days I haven’t had much time for posting on ye olde blogge because I’ve been spending so much time [pardon me for this] obsessing on the house.  One of the the things you always hear is to not start a NEW project without finishing the old one, however I don’t seem to bother listening to people’s advice because I’ve got at least four projects in progress at the moment.  I thought I’d catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to these days.

My pal Shauna taught me how to sew a slipcover.

I’m actually EXTREMELY proud of it because I’ve owned this stained Ikea ottoman for years, but hated anyone to see it because it was…well…stained.  So I re-purposed fabric from an old duvet, and now I have a SWEET little slipcover.  (Plus extra fabric left over.)  Total cost = $0.

I also antiqued a HUGE mirror for my dining room.  I purchased this mirror about 10 years ago from Costco for $200.  It’s a 3.5′ x 5′ mirror that’s great…except for it’s crappy gold painted frame.  So here’s a photo of the in-process antique-ing process.  Nice afternoon project and the mirror now looks fabulous.  Sorry for no complete after photo, but it’s hard to photograph it now because the dining room is in progress.

And today while the rain poured down, I painted…and painted…the dining room.  Here’s a sneak peak of the work in progress.

I won’t show any more than that at the moment, but trust me when I say that it’s looking good…  And for those of you who knew me in real life, yes…this is the same Orla Kiely wallpaper from my last house.   I loved it so much that I decided to use it again.  I’m creature of habit.  Haha.


7 thoughts on “Working hard…on lots of little projects

  1. Oh, I LOVE that Orla Kiely paper! I just finished using it to back our dining room hutch. I still have most of the roll left, so I’m looking for other places to use it around the house. So lovely …

  2. I am so impressed by everything that you are doing in your new home. It is looking so beautiful! I’m seriously gonna fly you to Boston to help me with my bedroom and then we will stay up all night and watch Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and eat ice cream!

  3. I’m on the lookout for a little bit of that paper — only need a small amount piece to line a bookcase — but have had no luck on craigslist or ebay. If you have any leftovers I would happily buy them from you!

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