Obsessed with…Domino’s new web tool “My Deco”

Today sfgirlbybay posted about the new “My Deco” tool on the Domino website, and so I headed over there to have a peak.  I have to say that I wasn’t optimistic about what I was going to find.  Most of the online decorating “tools” are clunky DIY-style visualizers, but this is like an online folder to store all those great images you love.  And what’s better, be able to search through other people’s deco files for great stuff that you may have missed.  I spent several hours today messing around with it, and found lots of great stuff.  Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve started so far.

If you haven’t already been toying with it (which I suspect many of you have since their website got REALLY slow later in the day), then you should go over and test it out.  There’s lots of great photos to see!!


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