Soy-based “Green” Polyurethane

Well guys, I’m about to road test my first eco-friendly polyurethane. After reading a little bit about Low VOC poly on the internet, I decided I’d check into it. First off, it seems that a lot of regular hardware stores aren’t sure what “Low VOC” and “eco-friendly” means. Several people pointed me to just the regular water-based polyurethanes, which didn’t seem accurate.

So I went to the knowledgeable folks at Greenable who were able to give me lots of great info on this soy-based product. It was also comparably priced to regular floor sealers at $44/gallon. I like that it is self-levelling, and supposedly requires none to very little sanding in between coats!! (I’ll have to let you know about that in a subsequent post.) I also spoke to the people over at The Environmental Home Store to see what they offered. They’re actually in my neighborhood, and I really wanted to use their products…but at a cost of almost $85/gallon, I couldn’t justify the cost difference. (Their version wasn’t soybased, but rather some different Low VOC water-based poly that wasn’t self-levelling and seemed to require additional sanding.)

Besides just price though, the folks at Greenable went out of their way to break a 5 gallon container to sell me 2 gallons of satin finish [of which they were out of stock in the smaller size]. I loved Greenable’s knowledgeable staff and their customer service! I have to say that in today’s economy, I really appreciated that they were fighting for my business. It made me really happy to shop there. (So…kudos to Greenable’s staff!)

Meanwhile, soon I’ll let you know how my experience with Acri-Soy Poly-Soy Eco Procote Polyurethane works out. Cross your fingers!

*Update: Thanks to Angelo at Greenable for clarifying what I purchased. Since they broke the 5 gallon container into 2 smaller ones, I didn’t have a label and assumed [wrongly] that I’d gotten the Acri-Soy. At any rate, more info to come on the end result of the floor finishing eco-friendly style. But so far so good.


9 thoughts on “Soy-based “Green” Polyurethane

  1. Leah,
    You’re using an orbital hand sander to sand your floors??

    Then, in the words of Miyagi, you can accomplish anything. Wow. I’m impressed.

    And just to clarify, the product you’ll be using is Poly Soy, not Acri Soy. Poly Soy is the clear top coat similar to a urethane, Acri is the penetrating sealer that penetrates to harden and protect the material.

    There are some instances when you’d want to use both like in an outdoor application where if the top coat was damaged, the wood or masonry underneath would still be protected from the elements. Or you’d just use the Acri if you didn’t want a noticeable top coat with a sheen but still wanted the protection from moisture and wear.

    I hope this clears things up a bit. As always you know we’re here to help.

    Looking forward to the photos!

  2. Wow, your kitchen remodel is beautiful ~ I am just beginning to start one of my own! About your yard, I think you would be surprised at all of the things you could handle yourself. Most of the homestore are a big help with DIY projects and I’m sure you know they even hold classes. I look forward to see what you come up with.

  3. It’s worked out pretty well. I don’t use that room much, so it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. I have to say that my gut tells me that it wouldn’t hold up as well as a normal polyurethane though. It also has a slight green tinge in color. You only notice it in certain light…but again, not ideal.

  4. I’m trying to find an eco-friendly, low-expansion polyurethane product I could safely inject into the 2-inch dead-air space behind my knotty-pine paneling, maybe even into the dead-air space above my upper-story birch-veneer ceiling panels.

    My goal is (b) more insulation and (b) making it harder/impossible for mice to get into our home.

    Would appreciate your help.


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