Wondercabinet’s curiosities

Today while exploring Etsy with their Geolocator tool (an awesome way to find locally-made product by the way), I discovered Wondercabinet’s shop filled with all sorts of magical creatures. Considering the fact that she’s been featured on several blogs before, I’m shocked that I’ve missed her work up to this point. (What rock have I been hiding under?!)

Her prints [done on old book pages] remind me of something discovered in a mad scientist’s laboratory. (Which is probably why I love them.) These particular ones are from her BEASTIARIUM series, and feature animal hybrids…such as a Half rabbit – half jellyfish…or part fox – part bird. At any rate, they make me want to be a kid again…and pretend. And that’s what makes them so great.

So head over to Wondercabinet’s shop and purchase some prints! They’re only $29 each. She also has a blog so make sure to check that out too.


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