Obsessed with…wicker outdoor furniture

During sweltering summer days like these, I can’t help but be transported back to the Southern front porches that I grew up with. I could always expect to find sweet iced tea, a porch swing, and wicker furniture. For some reason lately I can’t stop thinking about how much I love wicker…and it got me looking on the internet for the best of the best that’s out there right now. (Remember that now is the perfect time to buy summer furniture because of all those season end sales!)

Shown above: Woven Rattan Leaf chair, Victoria Chair, Woven Rattan Table & Chairs.

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Shown above: Holden Chair, Rattan Hanging Chair, Seagrass Round Occasional Chair, Oscillating Energy Chair and Ottoman.

Shown above: Chatham Wicker Sofa, Marlton Wicker club chairs, Hampshire lounge chair.

Another great thing about actual wicker & rattan is that it’s a renewable resource. On the flip side, the all-weather faux wicker, is super easy to clean and will last forever. Either way, it looks wonderful…and makes me think of peaceful moments like THIS.


4 thoughts on “Obsessed with…wicker outdoor furniture

  1. There’s a new generation of wicker furniture and it’s a far cry from that white painted chair that lives for grandma’s garden parties. Wicker’s rebirth into contemporary home furnishings is just now starting to gain the popularity it deserves. Wicker bedroom furniture specifically has been getting the most attention.

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