Rustic Cathedrals…who knew they even existed?!

When I think of beautiful architecture, I rarely think of rustic landscapes or log cabins. And when someone says the word cathedral, I certainly NEVER think of simplicity and beauty of the sort that architectural photographer Richard Davies captured in his travels through rural Russia. This month’s issue of World of Interiors features his stunning photography. These structures are like nothing I’ve ever seen. It seems almost as if someone made them out of old popsicle sticks..and for some reason I feel compelled to own a HUGE print of one of them. If only I could track him down…and afford it.

More photos after the jump

The July issue features quite a number of images from this series (and trust me…my scans don’t do them justice). In fact, they’re so beautiful that I’m shocked he doesn’t have a coffee table book for sale. (Hey Richard…if you read this…you should create a book! is a good source for self-publishing.)

UPDATE: What do you know?! I did manage to get in touch with Mr. Davies, and it turns out he has a website (linked above and HERE)…plus he’s also having an exhibition of his work until July 25th at Pushkin House, 5A Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2TA. For any of you living in London, stop by and check him out. For those of us who can’t easily stop by, he also has small versions of the images on his website. Prints of his work are also available. £350 framed, £250 unframed. (Now I just have to work that cost into my budget!)


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