On my own…my first freelance gig!

For those of you who know me in real life, you know that I’m obsessed with all things decorating. (I mean obviously, right? Hence this blog.) But it’s not only my blog, but my daytime job too. Pretty much 80-90% of my time is spent thinking about how people decorate their houses, and I LOVE it!

There have been times when people have asked me to give them advice or to do some side jobs freelancing, but I was always a little nervous about it. To be honest, I was afraid of failure. Plain and simple. I didn’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s design. What if they hated it? What if they hated me?

Well, recently I got a phone call at work from someone who’d hunted me down because she’d seen my house when it was for sale over the winter. She and her husband had purchased a different house, but had fallen in love with my style…and so they wanted me to come and help them problem solve in their new home. And so, even though my stomach was turning flips with nervousness, I conceded to help them.

Last night, I met with the couple and got right down to business. Once I got there and started talking shop, all hint of nervousness went right out the door. It felt natural. I mean, it’s what I do all day long anyways…I just do it for someone else. I kept thinking to myself, “how do they not know these things?” and “I can’t believe I’m getting PAID for this!” The things we focused on were:

  1. Space planning & furniture layout
  2. Paint colors & general painting techniques
  3. Window Treatments
  4. General problem solving minor home problems such as how to repair drywall holes, getting down wallpaper, flow, etc.
  5. General instruction on how to build each room (design-wise) and get a gameplan in order.

And at the end of two hours, I walked out there feeling happier than I have in ages. I couldn’t believe I did it! And it felt great. I’d like to continue doing this on the side. Maybe soon, I’ll have to create a business card…


2 thoughts on “On my own…my first freelance gig!

  1. Congrats. So many people never find their dream job, that job that doesn’t even *feel* like work. And many of the people lucky enough to find their dream jobs don’t have the ability/talent/luck to make ends meet doing them.

    You’ve obviously got the ability and talent requirements covered. Now go make your own luck!

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