Tool Sharing: What a great idea!

My friend is on a teensy, miniscule budget for her new house renovation. She’s having to try and figure out how to stretch aproximately $10K to remodel two bathrooms, install new flooring for three rooms, and make sure to have enough to cover any other miscellaneous along the way. I admire her dedication to sticking to it and getting creative on her making her dollars s.t.r.e.t.c.h. One of the things I learned from her recently is that there is a “tool library” in Philadelphia. Apparently for only $20 per year membership fee, you can “check out” a huge variety of tools as simple as a crowbar all the way up to things like an angle grinder or a table saw.

I think this is a spectacular idea! If I end up doing any major renovaitons myself (ie. with my bare hands) then I’ll consider using it. Here’s a link to the West Philadelphia Tool Library.

And just in case you don’t live in Philly, it turns out there are locations across the country that do tool sharing. Go HERE for a list of one that could possibly be near you!

Photo taken by Chris Lombardi via flickr.


3 thoughts on “Tool Sharing: What a great idea!

  1. I was telling my husband not to long ago, that we should have a tool library with friends in our neighborhood…but I didn’t know one actually existed in the city…albeit wa-a-ay across town.

  2. Vicki, that’s a good idea. I know someone who went in with a couple of his friends to buy a really expensive tool that all of them needed. It obviously helped them all shared the cost. They store it in one of the friend’s garage, and then have an excuse to go over and hang out for a couple hours. (Boy time!) Anyways…everytime N and I are thinking about buying a tool, we wonder if any of our neighbors have one and might let us borrow it. (Like a crowbar, for example.)

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