It’s not easy being green…

It seems like a day doesn’t pass that I don’t hear another story about how people are losing their jobs, the economy is tight, gas is getting more expensive everyday, and how Greenland is melting. Somedays it feels overwhelming… I mean, I’m only one person. What can I do? I’m trying to keep my own head above water here. I’m just as worried as everyone else is about the cost of gasoline and how it affects my daily commute and the price of my beloved blueberries.

And yet, I can’t help but acknowledge that something good is coming out of all this. We’re all worried and [at long last] beginning to reconsider our daily habits. How can we get around town without driving? Do we really need those plastic bags or can we bring our own? Maybe we can finally try our hand at planting that vegetable garden…

I think most of us are struggling to figure out just what this all means for us. It’s hard to change your habits overnight. I love reading the blog The Simple Family because that’s exactly what she writes about – how she can keep it simple. I think about that alot too, and often I’m not sure exactly what I can do. What the best practices are…

Likewise, I know that many big companies are having to re-evaluate that as well. Today I was invited to participate to be on a “Green Committee” for my un-corporate corporation. Just like every person, they’re struggling to figure out ways to keep costs low, but acknowledge they need to do more to become more green. I’m excited to be able to meet and discuss the ideas I have with a larger group that is also thinking and sharing ideas. It shocks me to think about how much energy my office building must consume everyday. There are very few CFL’s to be found there…and of course, 70% of the employees leave their computer on 24 hours a day. And don’t even get me started on how we only just started recycling paper and plastics about a year ago…

I know at home (and at work) I try to conscientious about being green by doing things like: 1) not leaving the lights on unnecessarily 2) trying to use CFL’s (not in every light fixture because I don’t like the light quality…but even that is up for discussion). 3) trying to always bring my own shopping bags to the grocery store. 4) not using the air conditioner unless I absolutely have to. 5) biking to the store when possible. And yet, I know that even these things aren’t enough. These little things won’t turn back the tide on years of neglect for our planet. And yet, still we must struggle to do what we can. Figuring out what to do….

As gas prices continue to soar, it is going to only worsen. Maybe instead of being called “House Obsession,” my blog will be called “Gasoline Obsession.” I want to do all I can to not only ensure my future, but the future of everyone else coming up behind me. And yet, I feel just about as lost as a child in how to navigate this new change. And so, I’m going to continue to spend more time at home doing those little things that I think help…and crossing my fingers for the best.
Wishful Kermit I, by bermudafan8 via flickr.


2 thoughts on “It’s not easy being green…

  1. You know that recent post about working in your backyard? Why don’t you plant a few blueberry and blackberry bushes? I have some of each, and I’m surprised at how much they produce. And they require little maintenance.

  2. Interesting idea. I’d have to figure out how to protect them from the squirrels and birds for sure, and also I need to determine the acidity level of our soil here (because apparently that’s important), but I would think it would be okay since NJ is a huge blueberry state.

    Also funny enough, there was an article about urban farming posted in today’s weekly paper.

    Thanks Johnna! Maybe I’ll try it!

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