Currently obsessed with…homemade ice cream

Homemade blueberry frozen yogurtMy friend lomoa was recently discussing with me her love of homemade frozen yogurt. She was raving about how easy it is to make at home and how she gets so much use out of her ice cream maker. I’d seen the new ice cream machines around, but for some reason have always been dubious that they work (or that I would ever use one). But for weeks now I’ve had an obsession with the idea of getting one of those easy-peasy Cuisinart ice cream machines. Apparently making homemade ice cream is no longer as difficult as it used to be.

I remember back when I was a kid we’d get out the hand crank ice cream maker, pack it with ice and rock salt…and then approximately 45 min later enjoying awesome homemade peach ice cream. I will always claim that my mother makes the best ice cream by the way. I still have memories of her and I eating it at the kitchen counter together the day after. She would always store the leftovers in a giant orange tupperware container. Our freezer would harden the remaining ice cream to such an extent that we were forced to sit and chip out ice cream from the giant orange bowl and just enjoy it slowly. We’d usually do this and watch tv. It was a lovely, peaceful time indeed. And one of my mom’s true culinary skills.

Anyways…now that the summer is getting hotter and more humid up here, I begin to think about ways in which to keep cool. (Especially considering my new house has no air conditioning.) The idea of making a delicious cold treat at home appeals to me because it feels so low-fi. It’s local and homespun. And these days I’m trying to figure out ways that I can unplug, stay out of my car, stay local, ride my bike, and enjoy life in the slow lane. Some blueberry frozen yogurt sounds like it would hit the spot perfectly.

Image above taken by desertculinary via flickr.  She tells us the recipe for this gorgeous concoction here.


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