Backyard beginner

One of the reasons I wanted to move from my old house to the new one is that I wanted more space forbacyard deck the dogs. However, my backyard turned out to need a lot more work than I originally figured it would, and the dogs and I haven’t been able to do much enjoying yet. (Isn’t that always the case with every house project?) I’ve only lived in the new house since March, and already I’ve had to:

  1. Prune the 65′ mulberry tree (Turns out tree pruning is expensive!)
  2. Deal with the poison ivy growing in the lawn
  3. Get the outdoor drain unclogged due to silt draining into it and causing an impasse.
  4. Throw down grass seed to try and get aforementioned silt from running off into the drain.

All this and I still can barely even use it. So the next big thing I’m going to be doing is ripping down the rotten deck. It’s going to be an exciting 4th of July. But why wait, you ask? Why not start tonight? (Actually I did.) However, N’s dad is letting us borrow his truck to haul away all the debris so this weekend makes most sense. It should be interesting. Hopefully soon it will be nice enough to actually spend some time back there.


One thought on “Backyard beginner

  1. We’re gonna have a similar holiday weekend. I’m gonna try to tile our shower and tub area! Guy’s off three days, so it’s the best time. Good luck to us both!

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