Clearing a clogged outdoor drain

outside drain So after almost two months of putting up with a clogged outdoor drain (I was in denial that it needed fixing), I finally dealt with it. Originally when water began backing up three feet into the yard, I called Roto Rooter and had an ugly experience with them. (They never showed up after several repeated phone calls.)

Yesterday’s rain storm here in Philly made me realize that I couldn’t put off dealing with this problem any longer. Part of the wake up call came from having dampness begin to back up in the basement. And really, who wants that right?

So this morning I got up and consulted the oracle that is Angie’s List to find a good local plumber who also does outdoor drain clearing. I called the plumber at 8:30am. Someone came over at 10:45am. And after only 10 minutes I had a free-flowing drain that finally offered me some peace of mind. My only frustration with the whole process is that it cost me $149. For having only spent 10 minutes here, it would seem that service should cost a lot less. Hmmmm. Maybe I could get in the clog cleaning business. It seems to be rather lucrative, albeit somewhat messy.

Anyways…the main point here is Angie’s List rocks. If you haven’t signed up for them yet. You should. It’s come in handy more times than not.


3 thoughts on “Clearing a clogged outdoor drain

  1. Argh. I have a drain with the same issue. Just discovered it with the recent monsoon rains. We have to deal with it soon, b/c we practically never leave the basement. Great…

  2. It can be rather expensive to call out an expert to unblock your drains but it can be a difficult job for anyone to do so without the right equipment. I hope your drains are running freely now?

  3. William with href=””>
    yeah it can cost a bit to get a pro out to do the job, sure it may only take a few minutes for the pro to do what you couldnt do, its the knowledge & his training we are paying for, lol I had the same opinion about getting my cars brakes but then I realized how they took 2 Hrs. to do what would have taken me 3 days lol

    chears William

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