Dying for this quilt at UO

UO suzani quiltSo I’ve been dying for this quilt for some time, and now that it’s finallllly on sale I’m completely broke and would rather not add this to my credit card.  However, I’m completely in love with it.  Soooo cute and it’s the perfect summer quilt for when it’s too hot for a duvet (yet still I feel as if I need something on my bed).

 In general I have to say that I’m finding myself really liking some things from Urban Outfitters home section these days.  I don’t even go in there anymore for their clothes (which is disappointing because I used to be able to find good basics as well as great jeans…but I guess I’m finally officially over their target age range.)  Anyways…the point is that they actually have lots of cute home stuff that I find myself wishing I had, such as this adorable embroidered pillow, this cute leaves tumbler, and this chandelier wall decal.  (I hate myself for even admitting that I like a wall decal.  I’ve scorned them for so long…) 

Oh well…soon I’ll be spending time & money on painting & renovating projects.  At least I can dream about these cuties.


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