How do you feel about hardwood floors in a kitchen?

I’ve only had limited experience with hardwood floors in a kitchen, but with the reality of an impending kitchen renovation looming I realize that I’m going to need some ideas on what to do with my new kitchen floor.  Currently it has disgusting linoleum floors…and the floors are slightly uneven so tile is not an easy option.   My friend has a source for me to get recycled pine barnwood floors at a reallllly good deal, but I wanted to get some feedback first.  Any thoughts?

hardwood floors in a kitchen

9 thoughts on “How do you feel about hardwood floors in a kitchen?

  1. Love them! I put wide planked manufactured hardwood that looked like it was hand-hewn in my kitchen a couple of years ago and they are just gorgeous. (Especially with stainless appliances and a blue tile countertop.)

    They really are a snap to clean (no grout to get stains on) and a fun alternative to tile.

  2. A couple of our neighbors have hardwood in their kitchens & I am envious. Super easy to keep clean, shows far less dirt than linoleum or tile, very comfy to use. We would love to strip all the crap off our kitchen floor and go back to the original. Unfortunately we have layers of adhesive & it’ll likely be impossible. Good luck with everything!

  3. We have wood floors in our kitchen. I’ve loved it. Easy to clean, no grout, etc. I do sometimes worry what would happen with a big leak, like a busted dishwasher. Oh, I also like that they are a little softer than tile, so it may not be as bad on your feet. And in the case that you drop something.

  4. When I was in high school, my parents redid the kitchen of the house we were living in at the time and they put in hardwood floors. They were gorgeous, easy to clean and went with the rest of the house really well. If I ever redo my kitchen, hardwood floors will be my first choice (although they might not be thematically appropriate for my tiny kitchen).

    I think you should go for them, though.

  5. You lost me at “reallllly good deal.” That speaks to the cheapass in me, but the comments above seem to tell me that you could end up with something pretty nice. If you’re going to go with the open-shelving thing, I think hardwood would make it that much cooler.

  6. Thanks everyone!! I think hardwood is the way to go. I’m excited about the idea of it all. I’m starting to freak out about all the projects that are about to head down the pike…but I’ll be keeping everyone up to date.

  7. I’m not sure where this photo is from originally. I’d scanned it about a year ago as inspiration for the kitchen. I’m going to guess it’s either from Domino or Elle Decor.

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