Here comes spring…and time for enjoying the outdoors with a camera

In today’s Ping Mag, there’s an article called “Play around with a Toy Camera.” It’s an article that tugs at my personal heartstrings because I’m in LOVE with my Holga…as you can tell by going here to see my favorites. Anyways…this got me to thinking about how the weather here in Philadelphia is finally getting warm and feeling like Spring. And what is my favorite thing to do when the weather turns warm?! Head outside with my trusty toy camera and take lots of pics of random stuff that catches my eye.

To celebrate the joy of lomography & spring…I headed over to Etsy to find something eyecatching. And Dripstick’s photography definitely caught my eye. I have a passion for Danish bicycles so…this is awesome. And what other better thing to do when the weather is warm? Head outside on your bike. Head over to Etsy and check out more of Dripstick’s prints.