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So if you’re like me and you read Apartment Therapy on a regular basis, then you’ve probably been reading about Liesl’s Fridge Saga or another reader’s question about small refrigerator brands. Well, I have my own refrigerator drama these days. I just sold my current house…and have bought a new one. One that needs a lot of work…and a new kitchen. The one that’s there now has the following issues:

  1. 12″ deep wall cabinets. (I don’t even know if that’s deep enough for a plate?)
  2. A seriously icky mold problem under the sink
  3. A weird DIY “textured-spackle” backsplash
  4. Heinous vinyl flooring
  5. Floral wallpaper
  6. A sink that’s stained beyond belief
  7. No dishwasher, garbage disposal, or working vent
  8. A stove & refrigerator that would be fine if I was renting…but let’s face it…I’m not
  9. Not a ton of space to work with

Sooo…basically my plan is to start ripping out and putting back in as soon as I close on the house.  I’m hoping to eat takeout until it’s done so that I never have to clean that disgusting fridge.  (Ha!)  Anyways…because of the relatively small footprint of the kitchen, I have been looking for a small counter-depth fridge.  It turns out that those practically do NOT exist.  Ugh!! I’ve been combing the internet looking for possibilities that don’t blow my entire budget, and have found very little.  But one of the biggest things I noticed during this process is that virtually no websites have good detailed photos of appliances.  It’s SOOOO frustrating.  How can a retailer NOT show you what you’re about to purchase when you’re going to spend thousands of dollars?!  It’s frustrating…to say the least.  It’s this way with stoves, refrigerators and basically everything.

So as usual I went to the Philadelphia Home Show several weeks ago, I checked out the 24″ freestanding stainless Liebherr refrigerator.  It was soo great.  And had the bonus of having a tiny footprint.  I love that it was TALL, but was not very wide or deep.  Obviously you sacrifice some cubic feet for style & compact size, but it’s pretty amazing.  Unfortunately it cost over $3500.  Therefore it didn’t fit my budget, but I did take photos of it so that if anyone else is looking…it would be there to help them out.  Meanwhile, the search for MY perfect small counter-depth fridge continues.  Here’s the exterior & interior.


One thought on “More refrigerator talk on the web

  1. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Stacey Derbinshire

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