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Magazine Review: Premiere issue of Fresh Home

On my way to California last Friday, I was looking for new magazines [I hadn't already read] in the airport lounge and saw that they had copies of the new home magazine put out by Reader’s Digest.   I was very excited, considering 3 of my favorite home magazines have just been cancelled.  So of course, I bought the premiere issue of Fresh Home and trotted off to the plane eager to sit down and have a little moment of inspiration.

Unfortunately, the magazine didn’t quite live up to my expectations.  Rather than have lots of great room porn, it ended up being filled with mediocre DIY craft projects and an overdose of random smiley people.   In fact, there were so many random smiley people that I thought it was useful to show you just what I mean.

So maybe I’m being overly picky, but I’d much rather look at great interiors than a bunch of models paid to look like they’re high on happiness.

Yes, there was one or two pics that were okay…but overall it was geared towards the person first dipping their toe  into home design.  With features like “how to choose the right light bulb”, “choosing the right paint brush”, “comparing different countertop options”, “how to load your paint brush”, “how to put together Ready to Assemble furniture” etc…this definitely told me it was NOT going to be replacing Domino.  There was nothing here about style.  It was more about simple, low-budget DIY.  And if I wanted that, I could easily find it on the internet.  I certainly don’t need to pay $5.00 an issue for it.

Needless to say, I’m bummed.  I miss Domino, Country Home, and Cottage Living…and as much as I love design blogs, they don’t take the place of a GREAT hard copy magazine.   May three of my favorite magazines rest in design peace.

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Trip to California

I just got back from a work trip in Santa Ynez, California.   It was a lot of fun to get out of the cold Northeast for a few days, but I was busy nonstop while I was there…so unfortunately for you I didn’t get to do much sightseeing or photo-taking.  I did manage to snap a pic of my hotel room in Santa Ynez though.  It was pretty over the top Victorian style (for my taste), so I had to take a pic to document it.   I mean…check out the chandelier and the drapes!??!  It also had a remote control fireplace and a huge white wicker headboard.  (Sorry my photos are so terrible.  I accidentally left my camera battery at home, and had to use my phone for these few images.)


We stayed at the Santa Ynez Inn.  Even though it wasn’t my style, at least the room was spacious and the beds were quite comfortable.  I have to further mention their over-use of gold & brass everywhere too.  I forgot to get pictures of it, but the faucet in the bathroom was actually a golden swan similar to this one!

The majority of the time I was there was spent working, and the nicest thing about the area was the drive to and from the job.  Here’s the my drive in on the morning commute…

Oh, and lastly…I got to meet John Forsythe of Dynasty fame while out for dinner there.  He was completely fabulous and kissed my hand in introduction!  So lovely of him.   He’s still quite a handsome man for someone who’s 90!

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